Note: The mainteinance of the scripting examples is discontinued since I no longer have an interest to continue doing so. The pages will remain here, for now, but that might not be the case in the future. You are free to download all the material on these pages and set a up mirror, or even continue the maintenance of the material by enhancing the examples yourself.

All the material in these examples are for the mIRC version 6.03. It is very likely that some or most of these examples won't work in future versions.

Script license, philosophy, and the author

Since a few people have actually asked me questions about using the scripts on this site, I've thought again the policies. I'm not an expert with law but the basic idea is that the introductions, comments, and scripts on this site are public domain. You are free to use, distribute, modify, translate, distribute the modified or translated versions, integrate them as a part of your own script, and pretty much anything you wish. The scripts are provided with no warranty and I won't take any responsibility of what you or someone else does with them. I would especially like to stress that I have no problem if you "rip" these scripts. I do not consider it ripping at all. Public domain also means that you don't need to give me any credit of any kind. Whether you want to give credit is your personal choice.

I'm usually known either as Geetee or by my real name, Janne Nikula. I am operator on IRCnet's #mIRC and #mIRCScripts and I tend to write to mIRC forums like the official mIRC message board and alt.irc.mirc. For more information about me, see my homepage. If you want to contact me, you can either use e-mail or IRC for real time communication. My e-mail address is seen at the bottom of every page. I am willing to provide help on public forums, such as #mIRC, the mIRC message board, or alt.irc.mirc. However I will not give private help unless there is a very good reason to do so. The experience has shown that people abuse private help in a way that is not usual on public forums. Naturally all bug reports and corrections are welcome in whatever way of communication you see best.

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