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 +====== The error codes of $sockerr ======
 +//Author// --- //[[saturn@xise.nl|Saturn]] 2006/09/17 15:25//
 +Every mIRC scripter who has ever worked with sockets, knows how important it is to check $sockerr in socket events. From the /sockread example in the mIRC helpfile, we also know that it is always a positive numerical value: zero on success, above zero if an error occurred. But exactly what are the error codes that $sockerr can return?
 +Below is a list of $sockerr codes and possible meanings, which are different per event. This list is not necessarily complete or even fully correct.
 +**on SOCKOPEN**
 +  0: success
 +  3: failure establishing socket connection (W)
 +  4: error resolving given hostname
 +  0: new socket successfully accepted
 +  1: error occurred on listening socket (W) (R)
 +  2: error accepting new socket (W)
 +  4: not enough memory for new socket (R)
 +**on SOCKREAD**
 +  0: data received
 +  3: error on connected socket occurred (W)
 +**on SOCKWRITE**
 +  0: all data successfully written
 +  3: error trying to send data (W)
 +**on SOCKCLOSE**
 +  0: EOF from other end received
 +  3: an error occurred while receiving data, or a SSL error occurred (W)
 +  5: a certain(?) SSL error occurred during sockopen (R)
 +//**(W)** = $sock().wserr contains a specific [[http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/winsock/winsock/windows_sockets_error_codes_2.asp|WinSock error]] in this case; **(R)** = extremely rare//
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